Charge It To The Game (Fat Tony & Kyle Mabson) have not only become Houston to Los Angeles kindred spirits, they’ve also formed a rather interesting and downright flexible duo. If you recall, the two initially linked together for “Charge It To The Game”. Fat Tony was out here rapping in front of rappers make shift graves and rapping hard while doing it. The same can be said for the large glut of The Urban Hall of Fame EP as Fat Tony, all Third Ward Nigerian of him is rapping with the sort of pissed off edge you’d think never actually existed within him. Still, Fat Tony can be a goofball and a creative one at that. Thus, the “Bite Me” video features all of the following and somehow it all makes sense:

– A guy in a Bart Simpson bobblehead wearing a classic World Heayvweight Championship belt playing video games (Sega Genesis?) with Chung-Li from Street Fighter. Brittany Scott in cosplay as Chung-Li by the way.

– Said twosome are in the back of a van playing Sega while being followed by the most awkward cast of characters ever. The Easter bunny, a juggler, a man wearing a G-string, a couple of dudes willing to tag along, etc. and more)

“[We] wanted to make a video that didn’t look like anything for a song that didn’t sound like anything right now,” they told The FADER. “[We] think we got it done.” Did I mention that the track still features Hemlock Ernst (a.k.a. Sam Herring from Future Islands)? Yeah. Did I mention their EP is being released via cassette of all things? Yeah, watch the “Bite Me” video now.

UPDATE: Per Fat Tony & Kyle Mabson, it’s actually a woman under the Bart Simpson bobblehead and they’re playing on the Atari Jaguar. That’s right Atari.

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