XO found himself a rather formidable hit at the top of the year. “Off The Lot,” the sing-song celebratory anthem with The Sauce Factory’s Rizzoo Rizzoo and Sosamann catapulted his already well received Reloaded mixtape into sleeper status for one of Houston’s more impressionable breakthroughs.

What iYOVisuals created with “Off The Lot,” the downsize it just a bit for XO’s “Ridin’ Dirty” video. Shot in XO’s native Southwest, it combines a one take video similar to Xzibit’s “What You See Is What You Get” with the idea of community and family. He may be on the way just to get a Strawberry Fanta and a styrofoam cup from the neighboring corner store but everybody from his apartment complex is going to greet him before he gets there. A ton of people who’ve probably told him not to quit, who told him that “off The Lot” was their jam and have used his music as the soundtrack to their daily lives. He’s a neighborhood superstar now and everyone’s willing to take a picture, shake his hand or a combination of both. It’s kind of neat and even let’s our mild-mannered protagonist seem more human than any lyric about being “Steph Curry shot with the pot” would. Watch his “Ridin’ Dirty” video produced by Drums Are Us below.