Featuring G.U.N., Loudiene, Saint Claire & Trap Mama, The Outfit, TX give the Triple D a massive anthem via Stunt N Dozier

I thought I would have the best story to tell about The Outfit, TX and their massive new posse cut “I’m With That Too” with G.U.N., Loudiene, Saint Claire & Trap Mama but the Dallas trio are already leaking out the details of the Stunt N Dozier produced single. One, Loudiene apparently recorded his verse while holding a chopper in his hands. Two, G.U.N. blindfolded himself and laid out his whole verse within minutes. Saint Claire showed up dressed like Noob Sabot from Mortal Kombat to lay down his contribution and Trap Mama may have the livest contribution of all parties involved. That’s all out of the mouth of Mel of The Outfit, TX. You couldn’t imagine how many gold grills were in that studio, how much jumping and rowdiness happened to be pocketed in the booth.

Mind you, “I’m With That Too” is an extension of “Type Shit” but this time, The Outfit, TX are essentially playing background to it all. It’s so much to handle and the type of creeping piece of club ready animosity that owned Memphis in Three 6 Mafia’s heyday. Hear “I’m With That Too” from The Outfit, TX, G.U.N., Loudiene, Saint Claire & Trap Mama below.