Fourteen albums, twenty-five years since “Deep Cover”, Snoop Dogg is still moving around as an American treasure. In the years since Doggystyle made him the most dangerous rapper in America, Snoop’s made a reggae album (Reincarnation), a synth-heavy funk record with DaM-FunK (7 Days) and even a R&B album cut from the cloth of Charlie Wilson & the GAP Band (BUSH). Snoop’s never truly left hip-hop alone, regardless of how longer his dreads get or his deals with Adidas or weed or youth football or narrating zoo specials or practically anything.

On COOLAID, his latest album which you can stream ahead of its July 1 release on Apple Music, Snoop takes us back to the 213, professes himself to be a “Super Crip” over production from Just Blaze amongst other things. Cardo & Cueman draw up some sinister production for Snoop to profess, “you bitches drinkin’ lemonade, I’m the Coolaid Man” on the album’s pseudo title track and reminds listeners that the Snoop from 1993 still has something to say on “Legend”. It may be the most non-California sounding record on the album but it’s Snoop slowly hitting every corner reminding us that Tha Doggfather beat a 187 case and has one insane ass resume.

The fun thing about COOLAID post “Legend” is that it sounds so Los Angeles as if Battlecat still had his hand steering Snoop records. E-40, Too $hort, Suga Free all guest on COOLAID dipping into Snoop’s idea of a sunny, breezy LA rap record that still has some bite to it. You can stream COOLAID two days early via Apple Music now and cop the LP on July 1st via iTunes.

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