The story of Envy Hunter and his beautiful imperfections is a unique one to process. A fan of rap who didn’t necessarily start rapping until he had no other choice. A leg injury that promptly ended his football dreams. The heart ailment that almost took his life from him. He’s released tapes, strung out on exhaustion and a curated idea of focus but nothing that completely blew anyone away. If there was a look for Houston based consistency that kept knocking at the glass ceiling, it was Envy Hunter.

He’s been transitioning between Houston and Los Angeles for a while now. He even rapped about it on 2015’s Living Out My Suitcase: LA. But with Beautiful Imperfections, Envy Hunter sounds less sullen about life and far more happy about it. Who else would sample The Dramatics’ “The Rain” and then only a few tracks later lead in a cut called “One Day” with Bobby Knight’s infamous “bury me upside down so my critics can kiss my ass” speech? He still is asking questions about life and death and the in between only now he sounds far more crisp. He can casually joke about running out of a girl’s house after getting caught by her mom and on “Luvurself,” he apologizes not for his faults but how he masks them. “How do you not love yourself but love me when I do not deserve it … I treat this shit like my job and I know it get stressful cause a nigga start working doubles,” he raps. It’s an honest moment and even in that, there’s a little deception attached to it.

Beautiful Imperfections finds Envy Hunter continuing the one facet of his rap life that’s continual – him and a single producer or two navigating sounds that ride on somber, introspective and deep. Only on “Who Dat” with Risky Boi do things cut up to another notch. G. Cali swings through a varied assortment of piano loops and drums throughout the album and gets into pressing guitars for the tape’s penultimate cut “Worth It” but it’s all to Envy Hunter’s whim. How he works is by telling a story, by dreaming about Nike endorsements and walking at his own pace. You can hear all of these stories and more with his new album which you can stream below.