Wes Blanco’s spent much of 2016 not only outlining his sound but cultivating a fan base in the process. Last December, Grease Is The Word opened him up to a world beyond “Johnny Cash,” a period of life beyond getting caught up in drug shit and potentially falling by the wayside. “Mula Fiend” kicked down another door and led to recognition from plenty of mags and other publications. Now with “So Strong,” Wes Blanco has his most significant co-sign yet, letting his Yellow syrup love align with Curren$y’s “spell my name with a $” New Orleans drawl and Skooly’s high pitched yelped out chorus. Stream “So Strong” from Wes below. Right Quick, the follow-up to last December’s Grease Is The Word arrives next Saturday, July 2nd.

Haven’t checked out the “Mula Fiend” video yet? Watch it below.