Every year, the Smoker’s Club puts together a nation-wide tour. Smoker’s Club has had a variety of artists that are known for their love of weed do this tour with them in the past, but one artist in particular has remained on the bill for quite some years in a row now, and for good reason. Since 2010, Harlem’s very own kushed god, Smoke DZA, has been making appearances on the Smoker’s Club bill. At this point, it’s safe to say that Smoker’s Club wouldn’t be Smoker’s Club without DZA.

This past Thursday, Smoker’s Club made their stop in Dallas at the Gas Monkey. Per usual, Smoke DZA made his appearance and gave a classic performance to the fans. DZA made quite an entrance as he walked out on to the stage with a huge wrestler’s belt, and stood proudly with it over his shoulder looking out to the crowd while everyone admired him like the god he is…the kushed god, that is. Mid-performance, DZA turned it over to Dallas’ High Rollaz to perform a few songs. To close out his performance, he performed 4 Loko, and then proceeded to grab 2 beers from the stage, shaking them up to make them spray everywhere, and drinking whatever was left. DZA seemed to have had a great time in Dallas and showed plenty of love to the city! Check out scenes from the performance below.