With his blackSUMMERS’night LP a week away, Maxwell shares a new single, “Gods.”

This time next Friday, Mawell will finally set free blackSUMMERS’night, the second installment in his planned “blackSummers’night” trilogy (following 2009’s blacksummers’night) and his first full album in nearly seven years. As its release date creeps closer and closer, Maxwell hasn’t been shy at unveiling bits and pieces of what’s in store for his new LP. After all, the slow-burning “1990x” was just released at the start of June. The latest tease of sorts? The release of another single from the album, entitled “Gods.”

Track number 8 on blackSUMMERS’night, “Gods” is a smooth ride that plays upon the idea of Maxwell’s lover “(swearing) so religiously” and ultimately playing with his emotions even while he’s trying to commit. “The answers don’t never make no sense,” the singer croons, “when the questions are up to you.” Some of “Gods'” lyrics are cryptic, but the heart of it all is the “games” people play when it comes to matters of the heart.

Stream Maxwell’s “Gods” track, by way of its lyric video, up top. Maxwell’s blackSUMMERS’night album, on which “Gods” appears, touches down in stores and online July 1st and can be pre-ordered on iTunes now.