UnderGravity - I Don't Need You

Undergravity prefaces their Space Age Funk Vol. 1 album with a thumping new single, “I Don’t Need You.”

Did you forget about Undergravity?

The Houston funk collective of M.A.C. and Atom-Bomb first reared their heads in 2016 with a stellar turn on Dante Higgins’ King PEN EP, the self-anointed “Freshest MCs” coming together once more in harmony on the West Coast-flavored “Run Tell That.” It was a welcome return for the duo, who for the most part remained intentionally dormant for the better part of two years.

But Southern twang and classic funk are what Undergravity are best at; and they’ve come home to that and then some on their new single, “I Don’t Need You.” Though Houston at heart, there’s a strong 8Ball & MJG-esque vibe on the four-minute trunk-thumper, as clever rhymes (“I don’t need nobody but God/’cause a lot of these n*ggas be fraud!”) coincide with pure melody. As its title implies, “I Don’t Need You” is like the 2016 country-rap cousin of Trae’s “No Help,” as M.A.C. and Atom-Bomb part ways with inconsistent people, fake friends, unfaithful women, and negative energy to go about life on their owns. It’s built for the slab with a perfect set of subs; but just as easily an anthem to anyone severing ties this summer.

Stream Undergravity’s “I Don’t Need You” single down below. The Houston duo’s Space Age Funk Vol. 1: The Crash Landing project, on which “I Don’t Need You” appears, is slated to arrive later this year.