Genesis Iver’s brand new video for “Forbidden Fruit” outlines a number of things. One, you could see it as a glimpse into the world of Houston strip clubs. The other way to look at this? Genesis Iver daydreams about shapely women who can do any and everything for him. Does he wander around the garden daydreaming about women who could please him mentally as well as sexually? Definitely. The whole point of “Forbidden Fruit” is to stare like Adam while every woman around you looks like Eve carrying the tantalizing apple in her mouth. It’s arguably the most vulgar thing GI has done in his 23 years on this planet and considering his outlook, it’s the same thought process of millions of men in their early 20s.

Not positioning himself as a rapper has done Genesis Iver some good. He’s worked within a middle ground of melodic singing, dense, almost suffocating production and the sentiment of a rapper who feels like the world need hear him as his voice grows louder. Watch the “Forbidden Fruit” video from GI below.