Even as Bankroll Fresh’s memory begins to move a bit away from the consciousness, few will allow it to dissipate. There’s the large billboard that carries his face that still resides in Atlanta. There’s still music from him that’s as excellent as it is haunting (“Dirty Game”). And to Sosamann, he’s still a pretty solid part of Atlanta’s current fabric.

“Splash (Long Live Bankroll)” is the Taylor Gang/TSF signee’s take on Bankroll’s “Trap” record and there’s not a whole lot to mess up here. Stick Sosa in a simplified element and watch him work. Ensure plenty of shots of the billboard, shoutout Bankroll Fresh and pose in front of a car with all of your chains clanking together. That’s how it works with Sosa & that’s how it works with the memory of Bankroll Fresh. There’s a legacy to the Atlanta rapper, regardless of how brief his career managed to be. Watch Sosamann’s tribute to Bankroll Fresh below.