Big hair, bigger heart. That’s how I’ve long described Lyric Michelle and how every conversation with her has centered around those two things. The emphatic, every-word-must-hit-like-a-boulder rhyme pattern that has made up her career. The optimism, the little book she packed with Lauryn Hill lyrics and her own writings thinking of it as a way out of her head. In 2015 and 16, all of those things worked for Lyric Michelle. All of them appear in her “Wanderlust” video, premiered by The Smoking Section.

“Wanderlust” takes us all over North America. There are shots from last year’s Pop Montreal festival, her MissDirection release show from February with Kam Franklin, Lee-Lonn and others playing background. The SXSW show where she danced like a Naija girl free of spirit and happiness. Familiar faces show up. DJ AudiTory acts like the coolest DJ in the world, Chris Rockaway’s studio looks like sanctuary for her. “Wanderlust” is her wanting to reconnect with her mother more and return to Lagos, their original home before it became Chicago & later Houston. It’s seeing the world while also knowing where the heart is, in the H.

Flipping Alessia Cara’s “Here,” Lyric Michelle wants to move around everywhere and be happy. “I always loved the Alessia Cara track, but when I came across this, it took on a whole other meaning,” Michelle said. “I’m from Houston, Texas and I love my city, but I’d like to see the world. I want my music to create that opportunity for me … therein lies my wanderlust.”