A bunch of WWE marks are now champions.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by a super WWE mark in LeBron James (seriously, he kind of started the new WWE championship belt theme in 2013 after the Heat won their third title, second with him.) are now NBA Champions. How did we even get here? How did the impossible happen? How did a guy wearing a vintage Undertaker T-shirt manage to turn in arguably the best three-game stretch in the NBA Finals since Dwyane Wade in 2006? Because like wrestling, extra motivation is all you need.

Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and even Mychal Thompson all questioned LeBron’s manhood following the Game 4 dustup with Green that resulted in Draymond’s suspension. He went out and dropped 41 in Game 5 along with a 24-year-old fearless guard from Duke University named Kyrie Irving. He then went out in Game 6 and dropped another 41 even as Kyrie came up with a bum foot in the second half. Draymond came back in Game 6 — and ate every single one of those 41 LeBron gave him and the Warriors.

In Game 7 on Sunday night, LeBron exorcised every demon that has existed in Cleveland sports since December 27, 1964. When we say somebody put up 2K numbers, we’re joking. LeBron James put up 2K numbers that would be hard as hell to even replicate on the game itself. Nobody in the history of the NBA, in any playoff series regardless of length led both teams in the five essential categories of points, rebounds, assists, steals & blocks. James came 8 assists short of averaging a triple-double for the NBA Finals. Just think about that for a second. Eight. If Games 1 & 2 even allowed for him to pack on 4 assists in each, he makes this even sweet. And it’s already sweet.

Soon as he donned the Taker T-shirt before Game 5, the Cavs refused to lose. How did he show up in Cleveland after a night of partying in Las Vegas? Easy – he wore a vintage Ultimate Warrior T-shirt.


But look closer. Look at Kevin Love. Look at the belt on his shoulder. Need a better look? Let’s go back 24 hours ago.


Kevin Love is a full-blown mark. A Stone Cold Steve Austin beer swilling, 14-rebound in Game 7, lock down the unanimous league MVP on the Warriors’ final meaningful possession mark. Kevin Love 3:16 may as well be Kevin Love 9:14 because 9 points and 14 rebounds in this game earned him the title of champion.

Oh, and Dean Ambrose completed the Shield trinity by winning Money In The Bank, watching Seth Rollins reclaim the WWE World Heavyweight Title and then cash it in on him to win the belt for himself. And that only took … forty minutes after the Cavs won their World Title in the most improbable odds in NBA history.

Good night Ohio, a bunch of marks are now champions of the world. Thanks to LeBron James & Dean Ambrose. Yeah, we still can’t believe it either.