Delorean’s latest #DeloRaps has him almost on a jet plane.

“[I] had to get out my comfort zone. Take that leap of faith. Get away from the common compliments and discover a stranger’s satisfaction,” DeLorean told The Smoking Section about “I Gotta Go”, his latest #DeloRaps appearance. It’s driven him to focus far more on self than being higher and mightier than those around him. Previous Delorean raps have found themselves inside of this temperament, this hard scrabble dude who will work menial 9-5 odd jobs in order to provide for his daughter and himself. He’s anchored himself to the belief that if he betters himself, the world around him should be better.

It’s quite ironic that the Glas Visuals directed clip from “I Gotta Go” sees Delo bounce around with his thoughts inside of Hobby Airport. He’s all by himself in some instances, the world he’s focused on a far cry from what anyone else in that terminal could be thinking about. They could be thinking about luggage to grab to head home and relax, to no longer dread or wonder. Delo sees that luggage as the tools to clad him for the next step, the steps where he’ll hesitate about somethings but still be firmly centered on the end goal. Mulling over the risks he’s gonna have to take? That’s a Delorean thing and it’s making its way into his music with every bar and stamp of approval.

“I can’t hold up, I know you holding up, I know you carry the weight, let me get back to the money, You know I been praying bout having us both being straight,” he rhymes on the track. You can watch the black and white visual for “I Gotta Go” below.