JONES - Melt

It’s hard not to fall in love with London singer JONES’s new single, “Melt.”

JONES just has the kind of voice that makes you feel good. It was something that caused many to take notice of the beautiful London songstress’s breakout single, “Hoops,” last year; and she even brought her talents to Texas briefly during SXSW. Though it’s unlikely that JONES find her way across the pond and back in the Lone Star State again in 2016, her music will more than cover the distance.

“Melt,” the latest single from JONES, released today and serves as further proof of her ability to turn a sour mood to sunshine with ease. With fellow UK natives HONNE producing, “Melt” takes a riding beat and guitar strums and lets the songbird’s voice take center stage in a warm embrace. JONES sings about the kind of connection we all hope to attain at one level or another, where nothing and no one else matters by the other. Hell, if JONES’s light and lovely voice insists that “No matter what happens, you know we got something great,” and tells you to “trust in [her],” then surely no weapon formed against the two of you can prosper. It’s an excellent appetizer to the singer’s forthcoming debut LP, New Skin.

Stream JONES’s “Melt” single for yourself down below; and if you like what you hear, grab the track now off iTunes.