“Endless Summer” is the first track from the duo’s upcoming Sun Joint mixtape

Lion Babe has done everything right. Mesmerizing videos, the head nodding, hypnotizing buzz singles that eventually land as earworms on albums and stunning live shows. Lion Babe gets the idea of not only being artists who can craft well received debut albums, they also get that in 2016, you can never truly oversaturate your audience when they’re constantly hungry. Knowing this, the NYC soul duo crafted Sun Joint, a brand new mixtape just for the summer — four months after releasing their debut album. The first single, “Endless Summer” is available now and was premiered by Stereogum. You can hear it for yourself below.

“This ones really special to us, its a product of the work of us and our best friends together,” Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman say in regards to “Endless Summer”. Thanks to very technical claps and a full, almost swollen bass line keep things moving while synth stabs and an irresistible hook keep you around even further. “When I die I’ll know I did it my way/ I speak goodbye, the end of all the heartache,” Hervey sings, finally shaking off a bad relationship and ready to step anew for the rest of the year.