Jahshua Smith debuts the lead single from his upcoming sophomore LP.

In a way of new aged Great Migration, Jahshua Smith has not only taken his mind and body to New York City from his Michigan home. Some of his friends have followed him there, they still exchange stories and generally bullshit about life and the complexities of it. He’s done nothing but seek change, not just in his life but the world overall. The problem with that? Constantly dreaming and operating with a mindset of change may kick at your spirit more often than not.

Wailing guitar riffs, popping drums and riding atmospheric keys to get his point across, Smith rides on StewRAT’s production with the kind of precise chopped up flow that kicks things into perspective. Change is fluid, change is constant on a daily basic. What’s best about Smith’s cadence on “Zero Gravity” is that he’s punctuating every step with actual concrete ideas that can operate in the long term, not just the immediate. Jahsh has never been one to champion shortcuts; a rapper mandated to look beyond violence and drug dealer since it played a small part in crippling his hometown. There are ways out, bigger than any set game in motion. Jahshua Smith merely wants to show you the way.

Part rapper, part school teacher, still growing man. That’s how Jahshua Smith may define himself to anyone who meets him for the first time. He’s seen kids fall through the cracks and watched a system fail them instead of nurturing their goods and smoothing out their faults. You need more Jahshua Smith’s in the world, especially in rap. You can hear “Zero Gravity” featuring PhourTheLove, produced by StewRAT from Jahshua Smith below. His sophomore project, The Fourth Wall arrives later this summer.