“I feel like America has slipped into an alternate universe. I’m just waiting on the Avengers to fix this shit.”

I tweeted this shortly after the death of Muhammad Ali. As the outpouring of love and admiration flowed from across the world, I watched in disgust. The same talking heads and pundits that use Islamic extremism as a way to discredit the entire religion, suddenly feigned empathy for the fallen legend. I watched in a daze as others tried their best to tip toe around his youth as a brash, Black Muslim man and opted for his grandfatherly appearance later in life in America. Key components in the legacy of a man that nearly lost his career for standing by his convictions in a time when Black Americans were good enough to be drafted, but not good enough for “White Only” drinking fountains. Hate him then, love him now. It became the opening parade of the Revisionist Olympics, with banners of “transcended race” flying around.

There are those that are given “passes” into mainstream America. Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, who are so exceptional that even bigots can put their hatred on hold in order to enjoy the gifts they share with the world.

Yes, I feel like we’ve slipped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. if so I’m praying that Black Widow (#ImWithHer) or Captain America is on the way. In this alternate universe, Christian shooters are given an empathy of sorts, as they’re paraded across the media as mentally unstable “lone wolves.” One where a Presidential nominee can spout racially charged rhetoric with no consequence other than a surge at the polls.

As we move closer to an election that makes it hard to want to participate in, the political climate has become so venomous that assaults at rallies and elementary school taunts have become our daily norm. While voices like Mitt Romney have recently grown louder in opposition to GOP nominee Donald Trump, it’s nearly too little too late, as the Republican Party continues to battle the storm that they created. Frankenstein’s monster exists because of the Right’s inability to appeal to their voting bloc. A loud, angry bloc that is so fed up with the Republican Party that it’s essentially turned its back on traditional politicians who carry the flag of the party. At the eye of the storm is their nominee, who is either racist or at the very least, doesn’t mind courting those that are.

So I put together a little list of disparaging incidences related to Trump. When faced with a racially tone deaf zombie, use these facts as a shield young Skywalker.

  1. In 1973 Trump was first featured in the New York Times after he and his late father, Fred C. Trump, were sued for violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968. According to the Department of Justice, black applicants were told there were no vacancies available and were given different rental terms than white candidates. Trump Management Corporation settled lawsuit only to be sued again three years later for once again telling black applicants there were no rentals available.
  2. The controversial Central Park jogger case gripped the nation following the highly publicized sexual assault of 28-year-old jogger Trisha Meili. Five black and Latino teens were arrested in connection with the crime, after which the police broke standard procedure by releasing the names of suspects under the age of 16, giving the press access to the juveniles. Trump joined the controversy by paying for ads in New York outlets advocating the death penalty for “criminals of every age.” Following their conviction, the group was later released thanks to the confession of serial rapist Matias Reyes and DNA evidence.
  3. Then of course there’s the infamous wall. Described by Trump as a means to protect our borders after alleging that our Mexicans are “bringing drugs..they’re bringing crime..they’re rapists.” No word yet if he plans on creating a border up north to keep Canadian rapists out.
  4. As the civil suit against Trump University continues, Trump began insisting that the judge presiding over the case was biased on his Hispanic heritage. Said Trump, “U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel had an ‘absolute conflict’ in presiding over litigation given that he was of “Mexican heritage” and a member of a Latino lawyers’ association.” Judge Curiel was born in Indiana – and is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi. A Nupe.
  5. In the hours following the horrific shooting Club Pulse in Orlando, Trump used the moment to declare he was right in his call to “temporarily” ban Muslims from entering the U.S. tweeting, “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness and vigilance. We must be smart!” As details continue to emerge he’s made no mention of the fact that the shooter is American born. Or if he will denounce the white would-be shooter apprehended before the LA Pride Parade for domestic terrorism.
  6. Referring to anyone, let alone a grown man, as “My African American” is problematic at best. Don’t be glib.
  7. File this under things you probably shouldn’t say. “I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks,” said Trump during an interview with Albany’s Talk 1300 in 2011. “The blacks.”

Not mentioned: His remarks on “the Japs,” women, the LGBTQ community or the disabled.