Apple’s iOS 10 has a few new features that you may need to learn and understand.

Here’s what happens when Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference lands on a Monday: new information and specifics from the world’s most powerful tech giant. New ideas, new termanology, new everything. Leading the way in Apple’s ideas for 2016 happens to be iOS 10, the newest iteration of the software that runs iPhones, iPads, iPods & more. Apple has already made certain in previous years of implementing aspects of what the world already knows and simplifying it to make everyone happy.

Siri Is Your Friend – Believe In Siri
The first of these developments and easily the biggest is that Apple wants you and Siri to be best friends. Seriously, Apple wants to make Siri as important in your life as coffee, alarm clocks and making sure you don’t curse out your boss and wind up fired. Siri is making her appearance all over the Apple platform, whether it be the Apple TV or Mac and Macbooks. Here’s how you can immediately believe SkyNet is coming to enslave us all. With iOS 10, Siri can take a simple conversation like planning a date at a fancy restaurant and immediately take you to book said reservation. Ask about a phone number, an email address, etc? Siri will go in your contacts and fill it in for you. That includes some pretty notable third party apps like Uber too.

Messages Is Slowly Being Turned Into Snapchat
Messages, that thing that separates Androids from iPhones (aside from Snapchat quality). Rich links now appear with Messages, allowing you to preview certain links before you fully click and open them. The aesthetics of Messages in terms of how bold or how simple you view a message figure wide here too. Much like Snapchat’s sizing, you can “gently” or “loudly” send a message where text that arrives small can be blown up and vice versa. Also, there are layers attached in regards of “grit” where the other person can simply wipe that away which … is rather ridiculous but oh well.

Emojis get a minor upgrade too. Feel like texting in nothing but emoji? You can do it as words can be replaced by whatever emoji lay in the emoji keyboard. Think of it as emoji auto-correct. Plus, they’re also really big now, similar to how they look in Snapchat’s private messaging side. You can also handwrite texts and third-party developers will no doubt zero in on apps that can interact specifically with your texts.

Yeah, Android users are basically looking at it like, “so you’re not using a Stylus?”

Photos Get An Upgrade
Want your photos organized by location? Done. Want all of your selfies really tied together via face recognition, place recognition and other objects? Yes. In a way, Apple finally got around to crafting something similar to Google’s photo app.

The Lock Screen May Annoy You
Notice the lock screen right now and how clean it is. Now notice that lock screen if it were loaded with various “busy” things. The new lock screen has been decided to grant you far easier access to other apps such as the camera, the other widgets possibly installed on your phone, glancing at notifications that pop up in the Control Center, live status updates from already open apps and a “shake to wake” feature that pops the lock screen up by … shaking your phone a bit.

The iPhone Is Better!
Spam detection, welcome to the party. Same to you transcribed voicemails. And hey, phone calls from area codes you don’t recognize? They can be sent to spam too.

True, Apple is still a bit behind with a few things such as the Home app and Apple Music but the giant user base, the one that currently dominates streaming and that chic pop culture look probably won’t seem to mind. Shifting things up may be a good thing for Apple. We’ll get to learn more about iOS 10 when it debuts, presumably with the iPhone 7 later this year.