Narcos’ second season arrives this fall.

Last summer, Narcos exploded onto Netflix with an action-packed, intriguing drama about the life and ascendance of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. With guilty pleasures such as Power and Ballers set to return in July, you can add the return of Narcos to your late summer binge schedule.

Netflix has announced that Narcos‘ second season, the one chronicling Escobar’s violent downfall will premiere September 2nd. The series was well received by fans and critics alike as it nabbed two Golden Globe nominations, one for Best Actor – Television Series Drama and one for Best Television Series – Drama. It was renewed only a week after season one aired and fan demand has been high.

The show is based around the exploits of Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) and not just his rise to infamy via cocaine trafficking throughout the world but also his political aspirations and wanting to be more than just a boy from the slums of Medellin. DEA Agents Steve Murphy (Boyd Holllbrook) and Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) are tasked with bringing Escobar to justice, even while dealing with the bureaucracy of an oft-troubled Colombia.

In case you haven’t binged on season one already, you may need to do so quickly. Even if you haven’t done a ton of research on the life of Escobar, Narcos does its best to be more than just a docudrama played out on the small screen. What will season two bring for Pablo now that he’s on the run and is the most wanted man in the world? We’ll have to wait for September. Til then, enjoy the teaser trailer premiered by Netflix earlier this morning.