The Outfit, TX take country rap tunes to a whole new level with their “Type Shit” video.

The Outfit, TX have managed to cultivate not only their Dallas roots into a force in the Lone Star State but outside of it as well. They, much like a few movers and shakers within the Dallas party community have decided to maximize on what Dallas is as a city. It’s a culture that can be defined and yet, you’d still be sort of wrong. It’s niche to the tee: a strong, varied collection of individuals who are colorful, smart, vibrant and ultimately Texan. To underscore the depth of Dallas’s hip-hop culture, you have to live and breathe it. I’ve only caught minor whiffs. The fumes are about as strong as a plate of ribs from Lockhearts.

Which brings us to the “Type Shit” video, with its gold fangs, blonde hair and shirtless posture. It’s a constantly moving effort from Dance Dailey where Mel, Dorian and Jay Hawk continually grill and gleam in front of the camera while running down a laundry list of things that benefit them. It’s narcissistic but not in the off-putting way. “Type Shit” argues about wants versus needs and in the world of the Dallas to Houston and back trio, the needs will forever be told until you completely understand it.

Watch the “Type Shit” video from The Outfit, TX below. Their new project, Green Lights: Everythang Goin’ is coming soon.