K. Michelle’s “Ain’t You” slow burner gets a sexy music video to match.

What most people know about K. Michelle, comes from reality TV and her internet persona. The Atlantic Records songbird has a reputation for being aggressive and abrasive; but that’s not to say she doesn’t have a softer side. More Issues Than Vogue, the singer’s slept-on Spring album, proved that and then some. And for those who may have overlooked it, K. Michelle has opted to drop off a set of visuals for one of Vogue’s sultrier cuts, “Ain’t You.”

At its core, “Ain’t You” is about K. Michelle deading rumors and professing her loyalty and devotion to the man in her life. Rather than focus on the “me and you against the world” message of the song, however, K. Michelle’s “Ain’t You” visuals instead depict just what’s in store when the singer chooses you. K. Michelle looks lovely in every single shot, whether she’s in a bustier flanked by two backup dancers, adorned in lingerie as she teases her lover, or swinging from a chandelier as the object of her affection remains captivated by the sight. Oh, and when she’s not seducing you, she’s dominating you. Easy to see why some of “these n*ggas” might be jealous, indeed.

K. Michelle’s More Issues Than Vogue LP, on which “Ain’t You” appears, is out now on iTunes.