Watch Dogs 2 is coming in November, and it involves Oakland/San Francisco political mayhem.

I remember the original Watch Dogs as one of the first solo games I purchased when I bought a PS4 some three years ago. That game was based in Chicago around an insular, revenge driven protagonist who just wanted answers for who had wronged him. It employed some solid hacking related gameplay, a few weapons and a rather nifty storyline. In other words, it was a game that decided to initially test out how graphically solid the PS4 was at the time. Soon as Ubisoft Montreal shifted the focus of the game’s sequel to San Francisco, everything about Watch Dogs 2 became about San Francisco.

Despite an initial leak, Watch Dogs 2‘s elaborate trailer hit the net earlier today and it feels so much like an uprise against the system at large. This time, we’re focused on Marcus Holloway, a man born and raised in Oakland already has a gripe against the ctOS surveillance system because it incorrectly profiled him and messed his life up. You can already begin to imagine what a kid born in the tech savvy area of the West Coast is going to do in order to upend a few things in the name of “freedom for the people”.

The real-life political climate of Oakland & San Francisco in regards to gentrification pop up in Watch Dogs 2. Holloway, according to the game’s lead writer is “charming” and “socially impactful” which should come in handy considering that the trailer features drones, motorcycles, tons of “Big Brother Is Watching” propaganda, parkour, hacking and then some – all set to the soundtrack of N.E.R.D’s “Spaz”.

You can watch the full #WatchDogs2 premiere via UbiSoft’s rather lengthy 30-minute video below. Watch Dogs 2 arrives in November.