Inspired by a little Juvenile, Dallas’ Tunk matches up with Brooklyn producer Breeze for “400 Degree$”

Tunk’s repped the Triple Digital about as hard as one would rep a family member. Dallas will love you, Dallas will mold you and Dallas will no doubt high side you before welcoming you in with open arms. “400 Degree$” takes Tunk and his gruff raps past East Texas and towards the edge of Louisiana. “That “400 Degrees” been getting a lot of play lately,” Tunk repeats on the track before reminiscing on he and his friend catching a lick by stealing DVDs, laptops, anything that they could sell and profit from. He begins namedropping those folks but pauses for a minute, there’s no snitching in these parts. Breeze supplies Tunk with a low bottom cut, occasional snares piercing through and plenty of head nodding to go with. Stream “400 Degree$” from the Triple Digital artist below.