After a brief hiatus, Dylan Cohl returns with the smokey and melodic “Flowers” with Susan Carol.

Seven months after Cowboy Jones 2000, three months after the official video for “Trap Bunkin”, Dylan Cohl returns not bristling with the confidence of a man who could lift a mountain but a reflective man thinking about the one. Dealing with both past and present, Cohl latches on to a middle ground with “Flowers”. Susan Carol, she of the now trademark “Third Coast Cover” provides background vocals and a chorus with her smokey tenor. Cohl flexes in some spaces on “Flowers,” but his mind is occupied about side-stepping stress in favor of better times. Self-produced and bathing in ton of atmospherics, “Flowers” from Cohl spins around a woman finding new things and in his mind, something that won’t ever be better than him. “She don’t wanna play no mo / She don’t wanna be in love no mo / She don’t wanna do drugs no mo,” he raps with a rocky mental and wanting his main over all others. You can stream Dylan Cohl’s latest below. The extension of his Cowboy Jones tape, Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days In The East is coming soon.