Touted underground favorite Freddie Gibbs arrested in France on suspicion of rape in Austria in 2015.

According to French newspaper LaDepeche, rapper Freddie Gibbs has been arrested in connection with a 2015 rape that occurred in Austria. Gibbs, 33 was arrested in Toulouse, France moments before he took the stage for a concert at La Rex. The translation of the LaDepeche article is below.

“The truth will come to light,” Gibbs manager Ben Lambert said on his Twitter account early Saturday morning. “My man is 100% innocent.”

American rapper Freddie Gibbs, 33, who was to give a concert Thursday night at the Rex in Toulouse was arrested by the PJ few minutes before the show. He is suspected in a rape case committed in Austria.

From rap to rape (note, rape English) … He thought he was probably away and forgotten investigators. But Thursday night, the US rapper Freddie Gibbs, well known in the underground scene, was arrested by the men of the regional service of the judicial police in the heart of Toulouse.

Reportedly, he was wanted in connection with a European arrest warrant issued by Austria for a rape allegedly committed in 2015.

While he was announced as headliners at 20 pm in the auditorium of the avenue Honoré Serres, the artist has not had time to go on stage and for good reason. Minutes before he was picked by the policemen of the PJ, near the business area, as he arrived in Paris.

The rapper, 33, a native of Indiana in the United States, whose real name is Frederick Tipton, was immediately taken to the nearby central police station without going through the box Rex yet on the path.

Yesterday afternoon, after being heard, he was presented to the public prosecutor and imprisoned pending his extradition to Austria where the investigators, it seems, many questions to ask him. The investigating chamber is expected to rule in the coming days on its future.

Freddie Gibbs made his debut in the rap in 2004. He has since signed with several labels and released many mixtapes kinds of compilations and albums.

According to the New York Post, the rapper has been involved in a criminal case in the US in 2014. While he had just given a concert in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York, two men opened fire thereon in a car.

Freddie Gibbs had not been touched but two people accompanying him were injured and taken to hospital. At the time, the singer was compared to 2Pac, a renowned rapper murdered in Las Vegas in 1996.