Bryson Tiller gives his smash radio single a set of visuals to match.

Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange” single has taken over urban radio. It may be the biggest record off of Tiller’s T R A P S O U L album from last fall, and for sure has contributed to the Kentucky crooner’s meteoric rise as much as – if not even more than – his debut single “Don’t.” Where “Exchange” succeeds, is in Tiller’s pleads and promises; it strikes emotional chords and sinks its hooks into listeners’ feels with no remorse.

On Wednesday, Tiller released an official music video for “Exchange,” and the visuals tug at the same heartstrings as the song itself. Tiller is missing his ex, a lovely girl who apparently did everything right for Bryson, just for him to do her wrong. In a “hail mary” of sorts, he drops off a scrapbook of sorts at her house, treating viewers to the memories of the two of them before things went left. At once, Tiller’s “Exchange” video bridges nostalgia, remorse, and forgiveness… and its ending provides just the smallest bit of hope for anyone seeking reconciliation in a relationship.

Watch the video for Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange” up top. Bryson Tiller’s T R A P S O U L LP – on which “Exchange” appears – is out now on iTunes.