Houston’s big band The Suffers make love practical with their “Peanuts” video.

When The Suffers first delivered “Peanuts” from their self-titled debut album, it was a song based around longing, around the common mistakes and ebbs and flows of falling in love. Now that we’ve got an actual video for it, it’s less about love and more about doing silly, carefree shit with your friends. Kam Franklin & company decide to kidnap everybody from their mundane daily lives (cooking, doing housework, shopping in thrift stores) and arm everyone in an empty field for a water balloon fight. Hey, it’s much better than a paint ball fight. Because paintballs hurt like hell. Watch the video below. Premiered by AfroPunk, The Suffers are set to go overseas for a few select dates in Japan and Paris, France.

“’Peanuts’ is about remembering why you fell in love with your spouse. Maybe it was the way they made your food, or the way they complimented you, even when you felt like you weren’t worthy of the praise,” the band told AFROPUNK about the single. “It’s so easy to fight and sweat the small stuff in long-term relationships, but sometimes, it’s way healthier to just agree to disagree and enjoy the little things you love about that person. At the end of the day, if the love is strong enough, all the other stuff is just small peanuts.”

[via Afropunk]