Join The Hive Society in giving back to Houston this month via their #BEEHumane Campaign.

To say The Hive Society are going to be busy bees this summer, is putting it mildly. The Houston arts and community service collective has plans for a sequel to its lauded AXIOM art exhibition in July; but before that happens, The Hive are taking their service endeavors to the next level this month.

If HoustonCARES was the The Hive Society’s first ambitious, widescale endeavor, then #BEEHumane is its equally ambitious little sister. A continuation of The Hive’s consistent effort to provide support and resources to the city of Houston’s homeless population, #BeeHumane’s premise is simple enough – to assemble “care packages” filled with supplies to give Houston’s underserved population a fighting chance in their daily lives.

According to The Hive themselves:

Our BEE Humane Campaign Vision is to provide Houston’s unsheltered homeless persons with backpacks filled with essential toiletry and survival items, as well as art supplies. The Hive Society understands that the issue of homelessness is not easily eradicated, but we are hoping our actions will afford the men, women and children who are unsheltered with a small token of support during their trying times.

Raquel Seymone, The Hive Society’s Community Event Director, says she was most inspired to make #BEEHumane happen upon discovering that the causes of homelessness weren’t so clear-cut. “I was shocked to learn that the loss of a job accounts for 35% of homelessness,” Seymone said. “It was a reminder that we are all people worthy of dignity and respect.”

Interested parties can contribute to The Hive Society’s #BEEHumane efforts in one of two ways: by signing up to volunteer at the actual #BEEHumane event on Saturday, June 25, at Prince Boxing Complex, which you can do so here; or by purchasing items from The Bee Humane Amazon Wishlist. Whichever route you take, don’t miss out on this opportunity to give back to the hometeam.