DeLorean kickstarts his #DeloRaps series with a brand new tune.

Unlike Steph Curry, DeLorean literally believes he’s an underdog. Much like Big K.R.I.T. rapped as if he had a ghost of the past haunting him for the first arc of his career, DeLorean has worked with the same type mindset. True, he’s released plenty of stellar Houston rap tapes since 2009 but last year was a breakthrough. He toured the country, he released a tape that got some national attention and managed to put himself a bit outside of the ecosystem. He’s still Houston, he still reps the city to a point of no return. DeLo still acts like he has something to prove. As if it’s some inner fight within him that’s going to exist until he stops rapping completely.

It’s how we got to #DeLoRaps, a bi-weekly series where he’ll give fans a brand new track to tide them over until he releases his next full length project. Always one to analyze success stories from the ground up, DeLorean’s first release officially from the series is “Pennies,” produced by Ol Man 80zz and Futurewave Of Lost Info. How hungry is DeLo? He’s in the same mental space as he’s always been in, scraping and willing to take any and everything off the table to fit into his pockets.

“I’ll accept whatever’s coming my way,” DeLorean told The Smoking Section who premiered “Pennies”. “I’ll take all the baby steps to get me to the top. I’ll count all the pennies to get my dollar…pay attention to the credits, y’all just worry about beginning.”

Stream “Pennies” below. Expect more from DeLo around two weeks from now. We’re pretty certain he’s still going to act as if his stomach is still sticking to his ribs by then.