The “Ultimate Edition” of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice releases at the end of June on digital formats.

“I’d look Superman in the eyes and ask him how he decides which lives count… and which lives don’t.”

Regardless of whether you hated or loved Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, you have to be intrigued by this alleged “R” rating the film’s home release is getting, compared to its PG theatrical rating. At the most, there has to be excessive violence and language, right? At the most.

However, the debut trailer for Batman V. Superman Ultimate Edition – which is how its retail release is being branded – suggests the “R” rating might not be the film’s drawing factor at all. The trailer is barely 90 minutes in length, and yet it teases new footage, expanded scenes and perhaps even clarity where the theatrical version lacked.

Warner Bros. seems to have saved the good parts for those who didn’t catch it in theaters; and for those who can’t wait much longer, you’re in luck – Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be available on digital HD formats as early as June 28th. Those wanting the physical DVD or Blu-Ray copy will have to wait for three weeks more, on July 19th.

For now, mark your calendars accordingly and prepare yourself by watching the “Ultimate Edition’s” trailer up above.