De La Soul & Snoop Dogg connect for a new and the Anonymous Nobody… single

De La Soul’s dance towards the release of their crowd funded album and the Anonymous Nobody… takes a therapeutic turn today with the release of “Pain”, featuring Snoop Dogg. Weeks after the release of their For Your Pain and Suffering EP, “Pain” diverts from the normal connotation we have with the word and instead offers something tranquil and bouncy. Laid back with a bubbly bass and a guitar loop that’s more serene than edgy, “Pain” digs around the usual De La aesthetic: finding calm within all the chaos. Plus, there’s a game on the group’s website where you’re asked to dodge all of the lyrics to “Pain” while the song plays. It’s a time waster for a Hump Day but the real joy? You get a straight up enjoyable De La record with the D-O-Double-G.

Stream “Pain” below. and the Anonymous Nobody… arrives on August 26th with guests including Jill Scott, Estelle, Roc Marciano, David Byrne, Usher, 2 Chainz, Damon Albarn and more. You can pre-order it now.