Pusha T & Jay Z get high charged in coke boy confessions on “Drug Dealers Anonymous”, the lead single from King Push.

“Drug Dealers Anonymous” is the second Jay Z verse in as many weeks given to the public. Last week, Fat Joe & Remy Ma got the initial Hov moment for NYC with the “All The Way Up” remix. While that one was merely saying some boastful things on a NY party record, “Drug Dealers Anonymous” takes the cold, eerie siren of an ice cream truck via DJ Dahi and allow Pusha and Hov to confess and admit their sins behind the stove. Even Hov haters such as conservative pundit Tomi Lahren get their 15 minutes of fame reupholstered as a Jay Z money jab: “Life made me ambidextrous / Countin’ with my right, whipping white with my left wrist / Damn Daniel / FBI keep bringing them all white vans through”

Hov’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous” squashes all of my initial belief that Pusha would immediately wash him on the track. From more Lemonade allusions, reminiscing on his London and I-95 days, stories about his good friend Emory Jones’ loyalty, a technical display of money laundering and more, it’s easy to believe that Jay Z can flip a switch in his brain and not mail things in.

Pusha T doesn’t let the moment go to waste as the younger brother Thornton discusses both the social climate and his usual avalanche of pop stars as coke props bars. Fitting Madonna’s in Mazdas is one thing. Hammering home the dark tenor of the water crisis in Flint is another thing: “Who the fuck ain’t mastered this / America’s nightmare’s in Flint / Children of a lesser God when your melanin’s got a tint.”

Stream “Drug Dealers Anonymous”, the first single from Pusha T’s upcoming King Push album.