Kaytranada - KIB

KAYTRANADA funks up Rihanna’s somber ANTI single into a dance-club friendly affair.

It doesn’t seem possible to make Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” song any better than it already is. The song’s single potential was noted from the very minute the singer dropped her ANTI LP, and it has a set of simple yet sultry visuals to go along with it.

KAYTRANADA begged to differ.

The producer – whose 99.9% album last month is easily one of the best releases of 2016 – took to Zane Lowe’s BBC Beats 1 Radio show today to premiere his “KAYTRANADA Edition” of “Kiss It Better.” If Robyn Fenty’s original is for the radio, then KAYTRANADA’s version is absolutely for the clubs.

KAYTRANADA plays up the guitars on “Kiss It Better” and makes the track much more bouncy than its somber origins, turning up the beat a few notches to where it’s a hybrid of pop and house music (with what sounds like touches of the instrumental from Kriss Kross’s “Jump Jump”). KAYTRANADA even turns the beat full EDM-n-B once Rihanna’s hook lands for the first time. In fact, that may be the coolest element of KAYTRANADA’s “Kiss” – the fact that he infuses at least three beat changes over the course of a five-minute period and yet it still manages to flow seamlessly together.

Stream the “KAYTRANADA Edition” of Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” for yourself down below.