Download The Legend of Harvard Blue, Curren$y’s fifth mixtape of 2016.

The Legend of Harvard Blue comes right on time for Curren$y fans. Working a yeoman-like all nighter, Spitta Andretti finished and released his fifth project of 2016, based around Yaphet Kotto’s character from the 1974 blaxploitation film, Truck Turner.

Spitta & Cookin’ Soul mix in quotes from the film alongside smoker’s tunes for the people. Spitta’s latest batch of audio dope clocks in at 8 tracks that may serve a soundtrack for many a Memorial Day plan, and follows in line with January’s The Owner’s Manual, February’s The Carrollton Heist, March’s Weed & Instrumentals and its accompanying REVOLVER short film, and last month’s Bourbon Street Secrets. If you’re keeping score, that’s two Jet Life projects in 24 hours as Le$ released his E36 (Techno Violet) mixtape just yesterday.

Grab The Legend of Harvard Blue free of charge below.