Jorja Smith - Where Did I Go

From across the pond, singer Jorja Smith announces herself to the world and shares her smooth new R&B single, “Where Did I Go?”

Every once in a while, you’ll stumble upon an R&B song that lives up to its actual namesake, effectively merging rhythm with the blues. Jorja Smith’s “Where Did I Go?” does exactly that, and then some.

Smith, who hails from the United Kingdom, by way of Walsall, songbird, is only 18, and yet her voice and vocal range suggests are far more mature than her age would suggest. The songbird officially announced herself to the world back at the top of the year with her “Blue Lights” song, a modern-day jazzy number that was hip, cool, and fun.

For “Where Did I Go?” the jazz sound is abandoned for something that sounds fresh, but feels classic. Everything about “Where Did I Go” seems to come together in perfect sync. Producer Cadenza’s instrumental keeps things simple, with tapping drums and a piano that soon give way to a more ’90s style beat. Smith’s voice, meanwhile, is nothing short of beautiful, as she shares her tale of reaching a point in her relationship where she addresses her uncertainty in it all. It’s a blues song that actually makes its listeners feel good, and for that reason, Jorja Smith has The Pulse. Hopefully, there’s much, much more to come from the UK songbird.

Stream Jorja Smith’s “Where Did I Go?” single for yourself down below. The single is available now on iTunes. As a bonus, you can take a listen to Smith’s “Blue Lights” track down below, as well.

[Artistic Manifesto]