We examine whether or not Jay Z’s verse on the “All The Way Up” remix was actually hot or just an event.

Here’s what happened in order to get Jay Z on the “All The Way Up” remix. One, Memphis Bleek had to connect the dots (Young Guru’s words) in order to make sure that everything was finally cool between Fat Joe & Jay. Two, it had to be a Tidal exclusive because Jay isn’t doing remixes or giving away verses unless the streaming service with his name attached to it gets a cut. That’s what it takes to get Jay Z to end his 370 day embargo on raps. That’s how it works with Jay Z now, a man with literally nothing left to prove outside of digging to some vulnerable depths for a not really needed Lemonade response.

What point does his inclusion on “All The Way Up” serve? Well, it’s a moment for New York City hip-hop and arguably the icing on what was a pretty strong week for the city until last night’s tragedy at Irving Plaza took place. Because “All The Way Up”, thanks to Cool & Dre’s woozy strings and Remy Ma literally coming for blood on her now two verses make it feel like it’s at least 2004 again.

Jay Z’s verse discusses a lot of family things: Blue Ivy stunting by bathing in gold like the infamous 2Pac picture, a rather telegraphed shoutout to Guru via “Lemonade was a popular drink and still is”, his own infidelity and tragedy making millions in the marriage (take that for what you will) and allusions to the elevator incident. It also finds way to let in a few baller talk moments about being inside the rooms of places black people were once shunned from. Typical Hov stuff if we’re being honest.

The lines about using his 21 Grammys for D’usse cups is pretty dope. Same for the fact that Prince’s music being on Tidal means a hell of a lot more now that Prince is sadly no longer with us. All in all, it’s an engaged Jay Z verse but it’s not a great or memorable verse. If this is how we’re gauging Jay Z verses, it’s probably a 6 on the grand scale of things. Meek Mill has used his time with the “All The Way Up” beat to still send shots at Drake, Fat Joe took a victory lap with it because it’s the one legit New York rap record of the moment moving things.

But everyone is still catching up to Remy Ma who has used her time post-prison to not only be the most sane person on a Love & Hip-Hop reality show but also release these cutting, “did you forget how good I was” rap verses. If we were ranking verses on this particular “All The Way Up” remix, it’s Remy > Jay Z > Fat Joe – but damn, that Don Cartagenius line is pretty good too.