Banner’s latest “Black Fist” visual for The God Box sports not just a Drop Squad but channels the Mississippi native’s own inner rage about police brutality.

David Banner’s promotion for his upcoming The God Box album has felt more like a college tour than a traditional album release. Banner’s always been open-minded and grounded to his beliefs; a saint who has done his fair share of sinning. With March’s Before The Box, fans got a small glimpse as to what’s in store for The God Box. Now there’s a visual for the Tito Lo featured “Black Fist” and in a way, its Banner’s personal anger and rage funneled into one almost four minute clip.

The storyline for “Black Fist” feels almost like a direct correlation to the 1994 film Drop Squad. While that film focused on the reprogramming and centering of black people who leaned far more to ridicule the race than uplift it, Banner’s approach is a little different. Once more dealing with another officer found not guilty in a deliberate shooting of an unarmed black man, Banner and his squad take matters into their own hands. The video comes with a disclaimer that “Black Fist” does not advocate violence but you can understand the fury and simmering rage that can boil over when the justice system seems to repeat itself over and over again.

Tito Lo’s guest verse may steal the show here as his lyrics match up with every action Banner depicts on screen. Using a laundry list of slain black men and women, Tito expresses his pain in the verbal, while Banner exacts his in the physical. Watch the video for “Black Fist” below. The God Box arrives later this year.