Doughbeezy heads to Austin for his latest Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid 2 video.

Doughbeezy & Lil Justin are often like an interchangeable Magic Johnson & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when you think about it. Justin feeds the Southeast Beast an idea or a location for a video, Dough hits up Justin with a concept he wants to possibly execute and the two get it done. Dough’s “Boss Life Freestyle” takes the duo to the streets of Austin, a third home for Beezy as he raps in that enunciated manic flow that’s made him a fan favorite. The shot for the “Boss Life Freestyle”, the second from March;s Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid 2 sticks to the basics though.

There’s Beezy posing atop a black BMV (no “Panda”), sipping juice near some nice graffiti and walking the streets like a possessed man ready for what’s next. In the two months since Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid 2, the project’s moved on to space on Apple Music and Tidal respectively. Not bad for a project that, like the majority of releases from The Southeast Beast was available for free in early March. Watch Dough & Lil Justin make more magic in the “Boss Life Freestyle” video below.