After a three-year period that saw him collaborate with the likes of Drake, SBTRKT, Kanye West & others, London-based singer Sampha has released a brand new tune. The track is called “Timmy’s Prayer” and you can purchase it now. In a statement released early Monday, Sampha stated he’s well aware it’s been awhile since he released new music.

“I’ve had a lot to process these last couple of years, as we all do,” Sampha wrote in a note on Twitter. “And it’s hard to articulate that sometimes. I wanted to say thank you to all the people who’ve shown me so much love and support. I’m looking forward to sharing my new music with you again.”

“Timmy’s Prayer” takes Sampha’s already angelic voice and places it as soft as can over an organ and drum beat, two Sampha staples. Where “Timmy’s Prayer” begins, it builds from another melancholy ballad from the London-born singer and it blooms into a massive sprawl of electronic soul. “If ever you’re listening/ If heaven’s a prison/ Then I am your prisoner/ Yes, I am your prisoner,” he sings on the intro before finding the groove somewhere during the more uptempo middle: “Dreaming/ Surely you will find me by the shore/ I’m singing so blindly/ Can you hear me, can you find me?”

Stream “Timmy’s Prayer” below.