For the past few months now, Dreezy’s “Body” single, featuring Jeremih, has been lighting up the radio. It’s not by coincidence: we’re used to rough rhymes from the Chicago rapper; but her singing voice is pure seduction. Couple that with “Body’s” thumping, mood-setting instrumental and Jeremih’s vocals, and it’s a recipe for trouble in the right conditions.

Now, Dreezy has given her breakout single a set of visuals to match. Director Erik White sets the stage in the perfect environment for a track like “Body” to flourish: a house party. Red cups and shot glasses go up, “HYPE” Energy Drinks are all over the place, and while some are content to a game of dominoes in the corner, most everyone else is swaying and grinding to “Body’s” beat. Dreezy looks beautiful, of course, whether she’s got her hair hanging down at the spot or done up in braids for the cut-away shots with her co-star against a lighted backdrop. Though Jeremih gets to take her home at the end of the night, it’s understood that he’s Dreezy’s target and not the other way around – she finds him first, and the two’s chemistry simmers without quite boiling over.

Watch the video for Dreezy’s “Body,” featuring Jeremih, up top. Dreezy’s “Body” single is available now on iTunes.

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