By now, you’re familiar with Alyxx Dione. If it’s not because of her being highlighted on the site as early as her “Marvin’s Room” cover back in 2011, then it’s because of her consistently growing star, be it as part of a group or as a solo artist.

Since her Jason DeRulo-assisted single “Chingalinga” took off last year, Dione has continued to hone her talent and has taken on another endeavor as “reality TV star” of sorts – the California songbird can currently be seen on BET’s Chasing Destiny TV series, auditioning to be part of “the next great girl group,” assembled and managed by Kelly Rowland.

“Drunk Right Now,” the latest solo drop from Dione, released yesterday, and breaks new ground as a song that Alyxx mixed and produced herself. The three-minute number rides along Alyxx’s murky, stripped-down instrumentation. “Drunk Right Now” catches Alyxx at a vulnerable point, drunk dialing the person that crossed her mind once the alcohol took over. “I’m not gon’ say that I need ya,” Dione croons on the bridge, “but I would love, for you to come hug me right now.” It’s slow burning yearning in the vein of Bridget Kelly’s “In The Morning,” but not as spiteful and much more emotionally charged.

Stream and download Alyxx Dione’s “Drunk Right Now” single for yourself down below.