“This sound like some Beyoncé shit,” FlygerWoods says on the opening notes to his “For The Free” single. The Grandior track packs in so much energy within its 2:41 runtime that it feels like the last day of school. Sunny, invincible and able to enhance your confidence ten-fold. In FlygerWoods’ case, its a song strictly about being able to maneuver strictly off of his own Bruce Leeroy style glow. “This your favorite song, show skin to the chosen / Living for the moment, coming off of no ends,” he raps before launching into a bounce filled chorus. Fat Tony guests on “For The Free”, making allusions to Missy Elliott’s search for her Jeep (beep beep) and his business model of never going hand to hand with CDs.

“For The Free” is about finesse over finance,” FlygerWoods says about “For The Free”. “I wrote this song after chillin’ with DJ Good Grief one night, inspired by a night out where I didn’t spend a dime. I knew Fat Tony was a perfect fit for a feature when I first heard Grandior’s beat.”

Stream “For The Free” below.