The moment you cut on “Bear Necessities” from The Outfit, TX & Diego Money, your body immediately moves into a boogie position. Not the period of Dallas rap that dominated during the early portion of the century, no. We’re talking about mean mugging, Southsiding, grooving in an invisible whip making sure everybody sees you. “Bear Necessities” takes what The Outfit, TX is known for: strict subwoofer abuse music, some pimp talk blessed from the chapters of one Chad Butler and amplifies it. Stunt N Dozier provide the production, letting Diego Money, Jay Hawk & Mel detail their end results with all their newfound cash (going crazy at Johnny Dang) and doing everything in their power to repeat the process over and over again.

The Outfit, TX & Stunt N Dozier have proven to be consistent over the last few months, whether together or in solo endeavors. There was “Look Into My Eyes” which arrived in March and Stunt N Dozier provided BeatKing with yet another club banger in “#Bussitbak”. You can hear “Bear Necessities” with all of its Dallas flavor below.