If you’re a Madden player, chances are you’re wondering who’s going to appear on this year’s edition of Madden. Madden 17 just revealed the cover athlete for its latest installment and the victor (?) is New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Well, there’s a good and bad to it.

The good is Gronkowski is already the NFL’s most visible tight end and party animal that people love. He’s the perfect guy for the Madden 17 cover not just because he’s a human cheat code for Tom Brady but because he actually balls out on video games too. Plus, he’s already on pace to destroy NFL receiving records for tight ends and he doesn’t turn 27 until Saturday. So yes, Rob Gronkowski is the perfect specimen for Madden 17.

Here’s the bad of it.

Gronk has been injury prone in the NFL, missing games last year during a period when the Patriots started off 10-0. He’s missed parts of seasons with a broken forearm, a torn ACL and had a high ankle sprain that was a key piece of why Tom Brady wasn’t that successful against the the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVII. So, every single Patriots fan is currently cursing in all of their Boston accents right now. Gronk + potential Madden Curse could equal nothing but disaster for the Patriots upcoming season, one that may find them without Tom Brady for four games to start the season.

Here’s an interesting caveat though. Since Madden went to next-gen beginning in 2013, the Madden curse has pretty much been nonexistent. Calvin Johnson managed to have the greatest season of anyone that’s appeared on the cover of Madden, setting an NFL record with 1,964 yards in his Madden year. Last year’s Madden cover athlete, Odell Beckham, Jr. managed to snag 13 touchdowns, continue to be one of the league’s most game breaking receivers and … well, there was that Josh Norman thing last season.

So, if you’re a Patriots fan, are you happy Gronk is now on the cover of Madden? Or are you scared to death?