Strange things are cooking up in Litchfield Prison. Orange Is The New Black returns next month (June 17) with all new issues the ladies of America’s most popular female prison will have to deal with. The question is, what actual drama lies in wait?

Since the beginning, Orange Is The New Black has felt more like a dark comedy than an outright drama. Things have started teetered more towards the drama side of things as the show has progressed and last year, the Television Academy made it official that the show was a drama in regard to the Emmys. The season 4 trailer starts off with some solid jokes from Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) and Taystee (Danielle Brooks) about President Obama and black people but things just get more grim from there.

As last season ended with a bit of happiness in regards to the ladies feeling a taste of “freedom”, there were cliffhangers. Most notably, what happened to Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) when she was almost killed last season? How is the prison going to deal with the large influx of new prisoners and their transition into a for-profit-prison? Warden Caputo (Nick Sandow) may be the most level-headed of the management inside the prison but that doesn’t mean he’ll leverage everything to make the ladies’ lives a bit easier.

Better clear out your bingeing schedule. Orange Is The New Black returns with a full run of episodes on June 17th.