If you were expecting James Blake’s “I Need A Forest Fire” video to be a tripped out experience involving light, things literally turned into ash and silhouettes of he and Bon Iver, you’re in luck. Since last Friday, the world has been properly digesting Blake’s The Colour In Anything LP and in particular his lauded “I Need A Forest Fire” track with Bon Iver.

Now the two have constructed a video for “I Need A Forest Fire” where the two are in a way, trapped inside of a fluorescent case. The camera circles around the two and various figures that depict the beauty of nature & life before it all comes tumbling down. Fire seems to always be the one natural element that seems to display the worst & best in us, doesn’t it?

Watch the video to “I Need A Forest Fire” from Blake & Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) below. The Colour In Anything is available now on iTunes.