FreddyING- #NoDaysOff from SmallzMedia on Vimeo.

If there’s anything that can be said about FreddyING, it’s that he’s always going to do things his own way. Last fall, the artist formerly known as Freddy Inglewood dropped his #NoDayzOff tape, a cleverly assembled project that consisted of 7 tracks inspired by every day of the week. FreddyING opted to revisit #NoDayzOff by dropping a set of visuals on Monday. But instead of making a music video for a single individual song off of the mixtape, Freddy combined them all into a mini motion picture of sorts.

Jarren Small of SmallzMedia is behind the lens for the “#NoDaysOff” video, a seven-minute affair which follows FreddyING over the course of a single day and night. After being scooped up by his homeboy following a long day of work, the two meet up with friends at the club to party and relax. A certain woman in the spot catches Freddy’s eye and he starts humoring her until her boyfriend (played by rapper-artiste OneHunnidt in a hilarious cameo) breaks things up. It’s nothing for young Inglewood, however, as he has a backup plan on hand for the evening. Plenty of cameos abound in the “#NoDaysOff” visuals, as well – in addition to OneHunnidt’s appearance, viewers might spot a handful of H-town artists (Rocky Banks, C-Tr3, zJethro, and even Bee Honey, amongst others) amidst the crowd Freddy and his friend meet at the spot.

Perhaps, more than anything else, in spite of all the fun and shenanigans, FreddyING’s music video motion picture lands at just the right time to remind us that it’s perfectly fine, to take a break from the grind. Watch FreddyING’s “#NoDaysOff” music video mini-movie for yourself up top.