Back in 2014, following the release of his dual albums PlectrumElectrum (with his all-woman band, 3rdEyeGirl) and Art Official Age, Prince opted to host a private concert at Paisley Park, part in celebration of the new albums and part to kick off the singer-songwriter-master musician’s series of pop-up “HitNRun” tours across the country. Those in attendance shared that Kendrick Lamar had not only been present at the Prince concert, but joined the Purple One onstage for a live performance.

Now, two weeks after the Purple One left this world for the next, The Prince Museum has opened its vault, and set free to the public the recorded footage of K. Dot and Minnesota’s Golden Child joining forces.

As shared by Yahoo! – whom hosted the concert – the video depicts Kendrick Lamar reviving Prince’s 1998 cut “What’s My Name.” 3rdEyeGirl follows Prince’s conducting for a second before Kendrick comes out, launching into his own original verse before bowing out and letting The Purple One come in to the start the song. Kendrick is known for bringing energy to his concert performances, and this one’s┬áno exception. But what’s particularly cool about the footage is how Prince and Kendrick seem to FEED OFF each other’s energy. Even more surreal, is seeing every element of Prince’s talent on stage, from his vocals to him tiptoeing over to the keyboard to join the band. It’s hard not to imagine what other magic Kendrick and Prince could’ve cooked up, had the two ever collaborated on wax.

Peep the live performance of Kendrick and Prince together at Paisley Park up top. You can also stream the original “What’s My Name” (off Prince’s Crystal Ball LP box set) down below to see how the two compare.

Image courtesy of OkayPlayer.