“On Some Shit,” the ice grill and tougher than nails produced cut from Mike Hurst is the latest in Gee Watts’ push of reality and facts that lie within the boundaries of Kansas City, Mo. It’s reflective, it’s an easy to read and shout out rap cut from Gee, whose been more concerned adding texture to his gruff voice and dynamic flow. When we received “Grammys” in February along with the video to boot, we immediately rocketed it the “favorite Gee Watts songs” playlist because of how urgent and ready it felt. “On Some Shit” kicks you in the teeth from the opening build up with triple hi-hats and piano keys geared more towards striking fear and clearing out a block than any opera house. By and large, we’re inching closer and closer to a zenith moment for Gee Watts, and that shit will be quite enjoyable to hear.

Til’ them, jam “On Some Shit” from Gee Watts and await his CaviART tape when it drops.